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Thursday, 17 April 2008



Saw these finally in Diverse.... I may just follow you and get the purple ones but I'd wish they'd show an image of all the colours... purple could be.... the pale variety and that would never do...


Oh I love the pink ones!!


Just what the world needs – tights to make your legs look like horses fetlocks...

You must post a picutre of yourself wearing them otherwise, I remain unconvinced - esp on those with less fine legs than thou.

Queen Michelle

Julie, I LOVE the horse comparison! You may have convinced me just to buy these right now!
I'm guessing that wasn't your intention though...sorry!


hm i'm not sure about these! i will also need convincing. i am a fan of crazy tights though.

i've just linked you to my blog as you are one of my daily reads and i love your blog!

Queen Michelle

They are a-comin'!


They make me want to cry.....and not in a good way, sorry. With a jewelled corset and feathered head-dress maybe but otherwise I to reamian unconvinced (tho I do love their other offerings espc the tattoo ones).

Rowena (RosiePop)

These are STUNNING! My burlesque performer friend will adore them too!




Those are amazing...haha but I can imagine reactions on the street already.

lady coveted

ooh these are soo amazing! i would think with your sewing skills you might be able to pull this off diy style? no? i mean £60 is kinda steep...


Oooo those look great!


Ohhh, so pretty, I love them!

the nasty gal

Woweee...they remind me of giraffe hair!


What a great, fresh idea.

la femme

I think you may be one of the few women who could pull these off...


How utterly decadent, I'm sure you'd make them look amazing but I'm not too keen on them - I'm not a big fan of fringing I'm afraid.

Queen Michelle

They are indeed decadent, and I may end up looking like I have fungus on my legs, but I am willing to try! They should hopefully arrive next week and photo's will follow afterwards! Is it sad I'm excited about tights?


These tights are great, but very expensive! I'd love to see the people of Glasgow's faces when you wear them.


I can't wait to see you rock them, I know on you they will be cool.


They have this burlesque feeling to me, but i love them anyhow! Can't wait to see you rock a pair of these.

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