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Tuesday, 01 April 2008



I loved Ab Fab! My ex used to call my friend and I Edina and Patsy due to our trendy' drunken' cigarette fuelled nights out. I had a pair of silver platforms - pretty identical to the pair Edina is wearing with the silver "sport" outfit. They had wooden soles - and I loved 'em. Golly, you've got pyning for my 90s outfits. Nowt to do with being in my 20s, clubbing and a size 6 of course ;-).


A very funny observation. That show was so adept at skewering fashion. I wish there was such a clever show here. The only attempts at fashion industry we've had here have been done up in the format of night-time soaps, and, thus, boring.

miau a

oh my god i LOVE abfab!!
it's the best tv show every (actually i am not a fan of sitcoms, but this is just the best)


Princess Poochie


We LOVE the AbFab - I think the husband as much, if not more than me. They are the best.

And yes, it's always "La-croix, Dahling, Lacroix!"



YES!!!!! AbFab was in reruns in the States as well and I loved it. Oddly enough, I watched it with my dad; my mom hated it. I was *this close* to being Pats for Halloween last year but it didn't seem right with no one else to be Edie so I was Karl Lagerfeld instead. LOL. And yes, you absolutely cannot say "La-CROIX" the same way again.

The Clothes Horse

I love the AbFab ladies!


Hehe, I LOVED AbFab and I'm glad to see I'm not the only one who thinks of the show when I see Lacroix. *giggle* All I can think of right now is Edina squeezing into that one Lacroix jumpsuit. I need to put these dvds on my Netflix queue.

la femme

Absolutely my favourite show ever.


What a great episode but can someone tell me what designers Edina is wearing? The striped kimono gown at the retreat, the print trousers when she is celebrating being back at home with Patsy? It will save me wondering all the way through reruns...

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