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Monday, 03 March 2008



You look fabulous, Queen Michelle! I especially love the look with striped tee and latex leggings.


nothing but fantastic queen michelle xx


i especially love the first and the second!! it's really lovely!


They're all fab looks, you are no less than Anouck when it comes to style, Queen M :). I'm especially fond of the last look- and thick-strapped shoes are brilliant things IMO.


love it.

Fashion Tidbits

nice fit!


Fabulous! I love the last look with the latex leggings and the strippy tee the mostest! I can't get away with that kind of look I'm more of a 'cute' 'pretty' girl and I'm a little bit jealous. You look so rock chic cool!


I like the dress with the blue tights the most!!!


the first and last are lovely.


Perfect! All of the looks posted above works so well, and the tier-ed details on the dress after alteration looks so fresh! (:

Diana Rikasari

i love the dress....but my eyes were more dragged towards your're such an amazing graphic make your picture look like ones from the magazine....


youve somehow made all three looks feasable. I would have never thought of the right way to wear that dress, you did a great job transforming it!


Hey Michelle, long time , no comment... The top half of outfit 3 gets my vote - the stripes and flowers and that thin belt look really good together - but I am also loving the clashing florals from outfit 2.


Amazing transformation! I love it with the striped tee and latex leggings, and of course those shoes.

Queen Michelle

I'm just warning you all now that these shoes will appear in approximately EVERY outfit post I do for, oh, the next 6 months? I LOVE them that much. Just so you know.


Great transformation! I've been waiting for this, as I also bought a floral dress to transform Balenciaga-esque. Those All Saints strappy shoes are so fabulous! I saw them on asos but they're sold out of my size. Have you seen them anywhere else on the web? I'm from Canada so I don't have direct access to a shop!


I like the path of least resistance--the second pair of tights, although I can appreciate the other two for their creativity. The second look is the most "runway" of the three, and, while the quietest, is also the most subversive.

LOVE what you've done with these pics. What great visuals!


Really inspirational DIY couture! :D


Nice work, as always.

fritha louise

Wow! The dress was gorgeous to start with but you've turned it into something amazing. I love it with the floral tights!

miss woo

Sooo amazing! I love the floral dress with floral tights look!

Lady Winona

I'm running out of compliments so I'll branch out into another language: BELLISSIMA!

lady coveted

i know... i loved those photos of anouk as well, they've stuck in my mind like a hardened piece of chewing gum.

i really love this dress and how you are wearing it, you're a wonderful model!


I love it with the blue tights. God, I wish I could sew!


The frock is genius. I'm in awe. Been reading your blog for a while by the way and I looooove it, it's brilliant. It's one of only a handful of blogs I read everyday, it's so chock-full of goodies!!!


i think it looks amazing with the blue tights and the black leggings
how did you get the dress poufy?

Hannah Cheeto

Wow. You're basically amazing. That dress went from okay to absolutely adorable (in a fashion-awesome way).


How did you learn to do this?

Anywhere online?

I wish I could alter things, I always get ideas and them I remember Im full of thumbs


you are my hero,my idol, my queen. ahhh i want to be a dress like that more than a little brother.


OK, I am IN LOVE with those shoes. I adore the dress and the tights too: I'm pretty sure we're kindred spirits. :) I have a pleading question for you though: I found these going through your old posts: and I absolutely MUST have the ones on the left, or at least something similar. Unfortunately I am a poor college student who will never be able to afford those shoes. Is there anything similar made by anyone else for quite a bit less? My heart is breaking over those beautiful shoes, and I am jealous you have those (I think it was those you bought, or the wedge version). I love your blog and thank you a million times over for giving me sooooo much eye candy!

Yuko Kanai

Hey I am a recent convert and I've been reading your blog every day since!
I really love what you put together and being 5'2" I really appreciate this idea because dresses always seem too long!
I have one quick question. The prom at my highschool is in april and I was wondering where(brand) your shoes were from(the one with the floral celeste stein tights). What style is it specifically called? I absolutely love them!
If those are the leggings from AA i definitely have and LOVE them absolutely.
and i hope you don't take this in the creepy way it sounds like but you have got killer legs!


Dang, Irina ain't got nothin' on you.

How do you like my grammar?


Great look, you made that floral look AWESOME!


Queen Michelle

Well this sure has encouraged me to try more florals! OK, to answer some questions/comments...
Stephanie: Let me have a look around and I'll see if I can find those All Saints shoes from somewhere else.
Jessica: I basically took 6 sections from the middle part of dress and pulled them up to the underside of waistband and stitched them. It creates a puffy tiered effect.
Cez: I just work these things out myself - I stick to simple alterations!
Katie: A yes, the Chloe shoes. I have had the ones you want and I have the wedge version. I can't think off-hand where you could get a similar pair but cheaper, however let me ponder for a bit. Are you in the UK?
Yuko: Those shoes were from a now defunct high street shoe retailer called Ravel. Not sure what they are actually called though. Trawl through eBay and you might get lucky.
Enc: I LOVE your grammar. Dang!


I had to publish the picture with striped shirt in my blogg. Its soooo lovely!

Queen Michelle

Oh Melina I wish I could understand your blog! All the non-English speaking blogs we have all look super...but we just can't read them!


Thank you so much for responding! I am in the U.S., actually - I don't know if that makes it harder or easier. Um, you're pretty much awesome.




Great combinations!


beautiful.i put you on my link list, ok?


that dress looks weird at first but when that girl wears it. it looks really nice.

Nicole Then

Pretty pretty pretty! It's genius - love the bright blue tights combi and the striped tee combi. Makes frumpy into stylish, I would buy that dress! haha

la femme

J'AIME! Love it with the blue tights.


TOTAL KUDOS! The dress look fab!! :)


Great job! Love it with the latex leggings!


Wishing you for your design .
Thanks ....

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