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Wednesday, 26 March 2008



Love the white dress!


love the color & playfulness of her prints. the dress is also my favorite!


Cute stuff!

Rowena (RosiePop)

I love the white/purple dress.


I am in love! How much do these dresses retail for? Where does she sell them? I have clicked on her website but dont want to email her and ask for prices and then be terribly embarrassed if they are completely out of my price range. So please Queen Michelle - put me out of my misery, whats the price of the dresses? :0)


beautiful stuff. i own a tube necklace and im hoping to get a dress soon :0) xx

Queen Michelle

I shall ask her Jane how much her dresses are xx


oooohhh! Thanks Queen Michelle :o)
Cant stop thinking about these dresses!


I will take one of each please....


Are these dresses available for purchase in the U.S?

Queen Michelle

Jessica, I suspect so. She makes them to order so I wouldn't imagine she'd object to shipping stateside. For prices and enquiries please email


After falling in love with that purple dress, I inquired at the price and got this response.

Hi there,

Unfortunately there are no stockists in the US at the moment if there was a
particular dress that you had seen then i could ship one across to you.
Dresses start at £140 as all are hand printed.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Kind Regards



I love those bangles, and the purple scribble dress.


she is m y cousin

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