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Wednesday, 12 March 2008



Okay, I'm going to say it first, because I know others will be thinking it: it's The Posh!!! "Asymmetrical bob" will forever be associated with her, whether we like it or not.

I love your hair now, but your hair is straight and well-behaved enough to look good in this Joan of Arc cut. But hmmm are you sure you're not considering dark lipstick ever again?


I've been trying to find out who you look like and I finally found. I bet everyone tells you this: Irina Lazareneau.
My favorite model on the runway.

lady lisa

I'd forgotten your hair was in this style! You look lovely in that pic. I can't believe your hairdresser is NOT scissor happy, that's a first!

I love this look, maybe you should buy a wig and give it a try before making the leap?! xx


I like the confidence that short hair exudes, and I thought you look great with your hair short - regardless of style, it accentuates your face. And asymetric is forever associated with the Human League for me - so not a bad thing! But you are fortunate to suit both and have the hair that works either way too.

Queen Michelle

Lauren, just for you I may buy some very dark lipstick and show you just how terrifying I look. You'll scarce believe your eyes! And, er, god I DID have a Posh!!!!
Lady Lisa, you probably erased the memory of this haircut from your head, I know Queen Marie has since she has no recollection of this either. A wig is a good idea actually.
Jules, indeed the Human League comparisons were pretty constant!


You look great with short hair, you have just the face for it, and that's so rare.


Do it! I think you look much better with shorter hair. Your bones and features seem quite petite and in the bob picture you stand out much more than all the ones with long hair.


Pleeeeeazzeeeee! Dooooon't cut your hair short! Go for a wig or two wigs or more wigs in every style available, but don't murder your mane :-))


I too think you look much better with short hair. I say go for the cut!!


i'd say go for it! but make sure u are prepared for the awkward growing out stage afterward. i got a asymmetrical bob and bangs in the fall and i'm going through the painful stage now...


With short hair, you have a look of winona ryder :)

Lady Winona

You're rocking that asymmetry, Queeny!


I had the same do!


I support either decision, but I'll vote for keeping what you have. I love it so.


about a year ago, I used to have assymetrical hair, I loved it. I kind of miss it, but theres way too many people here with that haircut now.


Love the asymmetrical 'do on you. Please lord God, do not get the Prince Valiant.


No no no, please get that haircut! If not for yourself, then for all us other girls out there not blessed with amazing cheekbones like yours...

super kawaii mama

I completely sympathize and identify with your crisis. I have had all those exact do's and many don't's. I just get bored and then go and do something extreme. What I have figured out, finally, is that just because I love it doesn't mean it will work with my hair; and even if it does, do I have the time to maintain it every day to the level of perfection such a design deserves? At the moment I have it very long and dark dark brown, with a thick white streak in one side. I think I am sort of channeling Cruella DeVille in her early years. (She is the number one style icon on my list for autumn years)


is this you, or your doppelgänger, q. M? :)

Queen Michelle

No Persephone, that's model Irina Lazareanu.


I told you, you look like her! :)

Queen Marie

Dial it down a notch people!
You have no idea of the fallout Prince B and I have to deal with after a haircut. It ain't pretty.
So there will be no haircut.
Now move along please....


You've got a similar shaped face to the model so you could definitely carry it off. Not sure about the colour though... very dark - you'd look a bit goth.


Oops, just seen we're supposed to be moving on...! Just a thought, but if you want a new look without the cut you could have a perm: they're supposed to be on trend again!!!!!!!!

Queen Michelle

A perm and mint humbug jeans and I will actually be back in the 1980's!

Fashion Tidbits

you look very good in that style of if you ever feel like hacking off a few inches-always feel free to do so


Hell i know its a bad introduction but i must say that those bowl cuts / bob cuts looks nothing extreme to me. Its like the whole of the Hoxton Twat crowd have been wearing them for the last four years, at different lengths, and they just took it from the 80' post-punk style. I dont know if its because i have seen too many of those but i dislike it ! If you look for extreme hair do, people from the new squatt-scene like Stonka or UnderKonstruction manage to pull something totally new, original, without requiring dreadlocks nor extensions.

This said, lol, i love your blog !

Queen Michelle

No-one said these styles were new, I had one myself when I was very young, just refreshing considering all the tussled long hair we've been seeing over the runways for a while.
Somehow I can't see me donning anything described as coming from "the new squatt-scene" - I shudder to even think what that looks like!

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