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Monday, 18 February 2008



i was looking at those in store but decided against since i would have a fine pair of shoes and no money to go anywhere in them

sob sob

lux life

You beat me to it! I was looking at these shoes on Asos last night, really want them and was going to do a post about them on my blog (which you are listed on as my daily reads I will prob get them in black and do a post another day.

miss woo

Queen Michelle, you have many a amazing footwear, but this is my favourite! Checking them out now..

Can you provide this jacket's brand name??

Thank you

Queen Michelle

K, that jacket is/was Topshop but not sure if it ever got produced


These shoes are lovely! They've got some great shoes at the moment actually. I was admiring a pair with an orange heel! Sounds odd, but they looked fantastic.

lady coveted

oh my lord... i love these! you are so good at snapping things up!


i totally understand your point of view, i also love multi-buckled sandal,whether it is winter or summer, 1999 or 2034!


Very nice. I've always loved gladiator-type shoes. Brings me back to my youth.


They are an absolute delight. Every single one you pictured. Absolute delight.




The shoes are amazing; I looked at the black ones for awhile but I need a lower heel. Or a larger one at least. I'm terrible on high heels!


Wow those shoes are heaven, they would go well with any outfit, jeans, skirts, shorts... nothing but themselves hehe those are fab shoes


Lurve the Givenchy shoes, but would rather avoid accessorising them with a nasty pair of bunions (as shown on the last picture) ...eek!

poppy lee

amazing shoes! i very nearly fell for the black ones the other day, but decided to get some more summery nine west ones instead. (i was in topshop - so much choice!) it's looking like a bad decision so far though, weatherwise.

the taupe look great anyway - might have to have a look into those instead post-payday.


those are a lot like the givenchy sandals in picture 2, 5, +6 of the bottom set


great pair!
I'm a little shaken by the awful blisters on the last picture though, lol...


I LOVE those shoes!!!!!!

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