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Monday, 14 January 2008



That's really cool! I like it a lot, thank you :-)

Héloïse J.

this is crazY!!! amazing patterns you chose. but above all being a novice and still making miracles!
*jealous :P


I only found out about this site the other week but have been hooked ever since, even checking for updates on a Sunday, the day of rest :o)!!

I love the content and especially love the design tutorials you post. I too am a novice but get too scared to try anything as I fear they'd turn out wrong and it would be a waste of fabric of which I do not have much but your stuff is really inspirational and I am definitely going to try some of the things you've done - ultimately, what do I have to lose?!

Thanks very much x a new citizen of the Kingdom!


I love the mix of patterns you've put together.... autumnal shades worn anytime of the year are always great!


What a lovely skirt! The print is really lovely.

Diana Rikasari're such a your skirts!!!! :)

Princess Poochie

Do you have a special overlock machine or does your sewing machine do that?



I'm going to do some DIY today as a matter of fact.
1. call tailor
2. bring stuff

You are very talented and non-lazy!

Angie Montreal

It turned out fabulous! That fabric is beautiful, I love how one of the stripes has a grosgrain look to it.


realy nice skirt hope you injoy it
but can i give u a tip the bottom hem appear a but large think it be batter if you make it smallre
but agine your the boss
love every thing u do


fabfabfab tutorial, the pictures are v helpful! it's definitely made me a bit braver as i always try to over complicate things because they look hard


queen michelle i hardly ever comment but i am so inspired by you i have to say something!

you have actually convinced me to attempt to sew something on my barely used sewing machine... i am not one to pay a lot of attention and i am hopeless with patterns, so this is just wonderful. you make it look so simple! i am going to sew my version of this tomorrow if it kills me! thankyou :)

your advice please! do you think it would only work with heavy curtain fabric? would there be enough weight in a lighter cotton fabric with this design to keep it looking similar?

thanks again! you are my style inspiration at the moment

Queen Michelle

Glad some of you found this helpful. I shall make sure I share some more whenever I make anything of interest! Liberty, glad you took the time to comment. I am exactly the same as you - I am actually too scared to even look at a pattern for fear of not being able to understand it. I have tried reading manuals but never get beyond a few pages before I get stuck. So I find it best to muddle along in my own way and learn by my mistakes.
Regarding the fabric - this will work on any material, but on lighter material you will need lots more to get the fullness. For the silk taffetta I used, I should have used twice as much as I did, but that would have been one VERY expensive skirt!

miss woo

Queen Michelle you're amazing. You even included pictures! I'm totally saving this tutorial for reference.


Oh thank you for this tutorial, it was great!!!

The fabric is just amazing!!!


The fabric is just gorgeous and it looks like top quality stuff too! Did u spend a lot on it? Also it reminds me of christmas wrapping paper! x


Now that's what I call "fashion on brains." In middle school, I cut the fold on my "shift" project and I knew that I wasn't destined for designing clothing. Kudos to you!




Jesus that skirt looks amazing!! I am so inspired. Thanks so much x


am actually trying my hand at this right now :)
think i might need to get a sewing machine though... considering how much my stitching sucks...


I love this tutorial. I just have one question, what tube are you making in step 3?


I've been saying I would make a skirt for years (seriously, like 10 years). I'd like to link to this post and show everyone how it's done.

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