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Monday, 21 January 2008


Fashion Tidbits

that maroon outfit is fabulous!!!!


those are some sexy clothes!
I just added your fabulous blog, to my favourite blogs- check it out if you have time



I love it all....and given that it's robbed me of all powers of coherent typing, all I can say is ME WANTS!


Emily (aka Scarlett) Gowing was a couple of years ahead of me at fashion school some moons ago and she was a standout then. I'm really happy to see she's still creating fabulous frocks.


These are called Hammer pants and we saw them years a passing phase in MC Hammer's career. :)


I never thought I'd see the day when I'd read women extolling the virtues of MC Hammer pants. Ridiculous!

Queen Michelle

Then Jon darling, you obviously haven't experienced many adventurous women ;D

Sister Wolf

I am overwhelmed by craving for everything on her website. What's the point of living in California if I can't get my hands on anything by Scarlett Gowing?!

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