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Monday, 28 January 2008



Oh gosh, I ADORE knitting! It's so rewarding too...
Did you see my post on Weardowney? I've got such a love for their label, and now I've bought myself a book of their patterns. Gonna start on one of them soon, as soon as I finish my other projects!


Gotta get one of those hats. This is not something I could make myself. All thumbs and knitting needles would be too dangerous.

As they used to say, You're gonna poke your eye out!

I admire those who have eye/hand coordination. I am not one of them.


Ha! I made a square for Oxfam once that ended up as a diamond. More holes than stitches too. Shame cos I love knitting, but am TERRIBLE at it. LLG xx


I like the neck-warmer and the boy inside it.

Fashion Tidbits

nice! there's nothing better than handmade fashion goods!


I have exactly the same problems with knitting (adding in not being able to cast on or off - my gran always did that for me!) which is hugely frustrating as I love chunky and cable knit jumpers and scarves.


lovely designs :) i'm going to check out their page.

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