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Sunday, 23 December 2007


Pretty In Black

I'm interested to see the final look. I like the idea of combining the vest with bad girl fabrics.


where can i find leather arm warmers!?

i have been searching for some for the past month or two, its driving me mad.

i can only find woolly knitted ones

Queen Michelle

Alyson, just buy long leather gloves and hack off the fingers - that's what I did.


ooh, sweet idea!
thank you queen michelle and merry christmas :)


Oh, just buy the damn thing, it will be okay!

Merry Xmas!

Prêt-à-Porter Prostitute

I like your vision.


i think it is a fabulous idea.
perfect for layering and texture!



Before the images loaded, I imagined much worse than just a fur gilet...but your previous attempts at customising otherwise naff things have worked pretty well, so I don't see how this would be any exception!

Judith in Umbria

Oddly enough I have two tabs open right now. This one you are going on about old lady clothes and department stores that sell them. The other one you are shaming Judi Dench for a wardrobe miscalculation.

Judi Dench is an old lady who is also a bad girl. Bad girls get to make mistakes in public. Old bad girls need that freedom too.

Her miscalculation is based, I believe, on the attempt of youth to take over fashion which has reached the point where women cannot buy decent trousers anymore unless they have them made by a tailor. With the waist dropped to the pubis and the tops shrunk to well over the umbilicus, one's stylist, in an attempt to make us "current" in the eyes of the big youth market, may put us on stage or on the street in poorly chosen clothing. Our kids may even talk us into copying their bad choices. I've a friend in NZ who is about 50 pounds over ideal weight whose daughter has talked her into a frock with leggings.

I like your style. For you. Anybody who is curvy or bosomy will look terrible in your clothes, even if they are not overweight. But the farther fashion pushes for skintight, shrunk up, cutaway clothes, the more we older women and imperfect youth will show up looking ridiculous. And if we happen to be someone noteworthy, we'll get skewered for it.

There's something here, with both pages open, that doesn't ring right to me.

Queen Michelle

Judith, have you not yet clicked that this blog is written by two separate people? I wrote this post, hence ending Queen Michelle, and Marie wrote the Judi Dench one, which is why it's signed off....Queen Marie.
I don't know what age you are, but you may be surprised by the ages of me and Marie - we are not in our 20's...far from it. And we ALL find issues with our clothes/bodies - whether we are 22 or 62, it's the nature of being a woman in our society. It may also help to know that Queen Marie is not my build at all, and she still finds very fashionable and stylish clothes to fit her figure without resorting "skintight, shrunk up, cutaway clothes"...I've never seen her in a pair of lowrise trousers in my life.
Whilst I'm not particularly familiar with Judi Dench, my recollection of her style seems to be she always dresses exceptionally well and I suspect this was her stylists fault as opposed to hers, and I think Marie did make it clear that she thought that too.
Also, we like to inject some humour into our writing, so please don't take it all so seriously.


if you're still in the market for viny leggings try Les Chiffoniers which are based out of London and sells at browns Focus

an NYC model who is actually trying to see her closet floor :)


where are those pvc panelled leggings from? they are fabulous!

Queen Michelle

whereismymind, they were a charity shop find believe it or not!

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