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Saturday, 10 November 2007



I'm a bit of a one-scent girl too. And Stella smells lovely.


I love "Daisy" perfume and the bottle it's just perfect.

I use lots of fragances I do not have a signature scent.


It got serious with Elizabeth Arden Sunflowers in my early teens. Then I went really wild with all the Anna Sui ones. Now I think I may have found true love in Coco Mademoiselle... but who knooows?

Eugenie Bling-Bling

Rose is such a delicate smell! And I am so pleased to see this Language of flowers page, it is so glamourous

The Lady of the List

I love Stella McCartney perfumes. I recently bought the Marc Jacobs perfume and adore that too. Only thing is that the scent doesn't seem to linger for long. At the moment I'm also liking the new Estee Lauder one 'Pleasures Delight'. Maybe Ape might put it in my Christmas stocking...


I love,love "Daisy" by Marc Jacobs. I was hesitant at first but I fell in love with the bottle. I figured it is great for my bottle collection. So I bought it and have not been happier. For me the scent stays most of the day and I have never gotten so many compliments on a perfume before and I am certainly a "fragrance whore". This one is a keeper.

Lady Lisa

Thanks for the perfume post!

I do love the scent of roses (especially real ones!) very refreshing.

I find I can't wear/don't suit heady, musky perfumes. Loads of people suit them but they are just not for me. Here's my top 3 which, funnily enough, boys tend to comment on more than girls...mmm

1. Jo Malone Grapefruit
2. Joseph parfum du jour
3. Diptyque's Philosykos perfume in fig

They are all divine and I don't think I could change but following your recommendation, I will be checking out Mr Smith's. xx

lady coveted

ooh, i had no idea flowers were used for communication, this all makes sense now... like who thought of this stuff? oh yeah, a product of repression.

i wish i could communicate my feelings through flowers. sooo much easier. really.

speaking of rose perfume... i love love love the smell of roses, but the chemistry does not bode well on my vanilla-only skin.


Thanks for the perfume post...! my favourite is keneth cloes and black 360degree for men....i really like that very much.... and one more eternity... my favourite...


Thanks for the perfume post.....! my favourite perfume is keneth cole's RSVp and blak 360degree forMen.... and one more ... its eternity....awesome fragrance.... anyways thanks for th post i like and enjoyed reading....

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