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Friday, 07 September 2007


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Glam Guide

Fantastic! I've 5 million (just a rough guesstimate) sewing projects already underway, but one more couldn't hurt :)


I look forward to seeing what Topshop come up with...


I sew a little and if I were making jodhpurs I'd baste the inseam first. Generally, the inseam stays the same (more or less straight) while one fiddles around with the outer leg seam. I wouldn't want extra fabric bunching up between my legs. Psst--the version you converted look fantastic!


Thank you!


I'm dying to see the Zara ones, (and not to mention your new haircut! I feel another Queen Michelle photopost coming on..)

Upon seeing a picture of the gap "jodhpurs", I also thought - what? khakis with buttons up the side?! Oh Gap. You let the side down.


A fashion blogger from Scotland! Even better, from Glasgow. Amazing - just started reading and love your blog already!

Queen Michelle

Beth, I don't even know what baste means, that's how much of an amateur I am!
Ayesha, the Zara ones seriously ROCK!!! But I think ANOTHER jodhpur photoshoot would bore everyone to tears! And I hope my haircut won't be too dramatic - that would be BAD!!!
Hey Lisa - yeah, a fellow Scottish blogger!!

Eugenie Bling-Bling

This is great! Seems very easy to sew. Thank you for this tip.


try Massimo Dutti, the Jodphurs. Thanks for the advice we dont have Gap here in Spain already tried to buy them online but save on time.


So these aren't for Horse riding purposes?

Robert Donnell

Wonderfull! I would start with a size XXXL pant, tailor the waist to the wearer using triangle darts to make the wiast smaller than the area below it. Next use the outside red dotted line but be more exaggerated while leaving the inside seam alone. You want an exaggerated outside curve, without that you do not have jodhpurs you just have pants.

Baggy jodhpurs

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Baggy jodhpurs

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