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Thursday, 02 August 2007



Welcome back.... *she says tentatively*
How do you find the quality of Vagabond shoes as I bought a pair when I was in Stockholm and find the finish a little bit dodge....

Queen Michelle

I have found mine to be fine, given the price. Admittedly I the ones I have I don't wear all the time but so far they haven't fallen apart. They are a wee bit rough on the finishing but I reckon they are better quality than Office, which is pretty much in the same price bracket.


I have news! Vagabond are opening a shop in Neal Steet, London THIS MONTH! (Susie, let me know if you're going to the opening party - I wanna meet you!)


how do you find the sizing for these shoes?

Queen Michelle

For me the sizing is spot on.


goodness, you've given me a new favourite brand!

lady coveted

oh my... i really want those patent wedges... i really really want them. do you think they are worth overseas shipping? i live in the states... we don't have nearly as fashionable shoes here, unless they are the real deal.
: (

Queen Michelle

I hate to break it to you, but they only ship to the UK, Sweden and Finland! Sorry my dear. But to be honest they'd have worked out pretty expensive for you guys anyway since the pound is very strong and the dollar weak. They aren't worth $120 plus maybe $20 it would have been to ship them.
I'll see if I can't find some alternatives which are stateside friendly ;)

lady coveted

oh, woops. they don't ship to the u.s...

lady coveted

aw, darn... thanks for letting me know! i was going to have my friend in london ship them over to me. but i'm going to try to find a pair like them here. too bad it's stuck in my brain.

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