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Wednesday, 29 August 2007



I'm not sure "treggings" is the best word to describe something that goes on your legs (unoriginality aside). It's too close to "trees," which is NOT something I'd want my legs to resemble.

Mrs Fashion

It's def a Grazia-ism! They ALWAYS come up with the new, er, catchphrase. But I don't think this one is one that's going to catch on. I must admit I do like the coupley ones though, soz!


ahahah, 'foff', definitely...



Hehe, I'd just say those were leggings. "Treggings" is a hideous word!


Haha - Queen Michelle, you are right! Your observation about these "Treggings" is both witty (I was quite entertained) and accurate, in that the invention of words for things that already have proper descriptors available is silly. Creating new words out of old ones seems phony and shallow. I often wonder if these self-appointed wordsmiths lack the linguistic capacity to find the right word, or whether they aim to render more trendy things that are not currently in fashion. Regardless, the only thing I would ever do with Treggings is roll my eyes as I glide past them.

And as for creating these cutesy-pooh names for couples? Gag me with a spoon! They are still individuals! All the same, I guess something had to eventually take the place of referring to a couple by using the husband's surname (though I might get a kick out of calling Brad and Angelina "the Pitts" - and yes I am a fan of theirs). I'm sure we'll come up with something better in the long term, but in the meantime, jeez, just call them by their given names!


Oh please! I saw that in Grazia, they're ALWAYS doing it, it's so cringey. If they must invent new trends why couldn't they call them trouser-leggings? Hmm, even that's lame.

The Lady of the List

Brangelina's kid's name has actually produced one of the best ever spoonerisms - one not widely reported by the press.

Shiloh Pitt. Work it out, folks! Haw haw.

lady coveted

hehe, i agree... i like long names for stuff.
like neck ruffle. i really want one of those.


Lady of the List that spoonerism is hilarious! I was laughing so hard I managed to choke on my coffee!


Hee hee....foff indeed. Trying to create new fashion terms is all very well, but not in a way that smacks of desperation to be the one to use it first.

candid cool

"Foff" is a keeper though. I esp. disliked the combining of celebrity couples. Annoying.

Queen Marie

Naughty Lady of the List! I kept giggling last night as I was falling asleep. Every time I nearly nodded off, I thought of the look on
Brad and Angie's face, the first time someone says this in earshot.
*giggles and guffaws*

Melanie Rickey

Hey Guys,
So..I admit. It was me. Yes, I am responsible for the word treggings. I rather like it. We all rather like it. Ok, maybe it's because we are stuck perpetual deadline hell, but it made us chuckle into our lattes for a few days. And isn't fashion all about having fun? Anyway, I'm flattered you all care so much, but we don't take it that seriously - the word-blends etc. Though we were rather flattered when the Grazia invented acronym WAGS (wives and girlfriends)went into the OED. Signing off from NYC fashion week. p.S foff - love it! going up in Grazia's Hot List next week.

Queen Michelle

Melanie, you are a NAUGHTY NAUGHTY girl!!! Come over here and I shall administer 50 lashes forewith!
I only hope that Christopher Bailey's new one doesn't catch on - 'Shoot' as in Shoe and Boot!
I'll give you props for WAGS though - that somehow seemed fitting - dogs definitely spring to mind....

Queen Michelle

Oh also, may I make a suggestion whilst I sit here eating my lunch and...reading Grazia? When you feature clothes, particularly high street clothes, perhaps put a rough time as to when the items will be available? I am forever seeing things I like, and when I traipse to the shop looking for the item, I can never find it. You guys have surely got the inside scoop on when things are going to become available, non?

Melanie Rickey

Everything we put in the magazine is available that week, unless otherwise stated.
What we find is that people react so fast to things they sell out quickly. The other week we featured a £3,500 bag by Zagliani. The day we published - the Tuesday - seven were sold. THE SAME DAY.
Anyway - I wanted to know how you know about Christopher Bailey and the "shoot". He told me that for Matches magazine......

Queen Michelle

I suspected that might be the case, but I can NEVER get anything I see. I suppose I just live in a shithole!
The "shoot"'? - Matches printed it in their wee lookbook thing that came with the latest issue of Vogue.

Melanie Rickey

I did that Matches book! Just realised the Oct issue was out.

Queen Michelle

Well done! It was the best bit about the whole issue. I LOVE when the Matches lookbook comes out.

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