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Saturday, 11 August 2007



May I be your charity case?

Queen Michelle

You may indeed my dear, you may indeed.


Very impressive collection! I especially like the oxfords!


Oh, I could cry I'm so jealous! Such a beautiful collection. I'm also a hoarder of shoes - they've spilled out over the shoe basket, onto the floor and into the next room. Sometimes I think they're breeding on their own...

The gold and silver oxfords are my favourite, I think.

Glam Guide

OMG! I never knew a person to have so many jazz shoes. You Imelda Marcos you :)


I can't even begin to tell you how jealous I am! I especially love the entire brogue style selection.


OH em gee how could you forget about those shoes

AMAZING collection grrrr i want hahaha


Everybody who owns a fashion blog should take a picture of their shoe collection and post it. It's darn orgasmic to see them all lined up like that.

fashionably challenged

I will take some brogues (can't find any decent heeled ones in the US!) and the Chloe Silverados. That's all thanks. :)




Amazing collection, especially the brogues! <3

the Grey

o-0 What's your shoe size? And beware that depending on the answer to that question, I might have to burgle your house before next week! :P


Can I join Gaunt and be your charity case too? Pretty please? =P

faux faux real

wow, you have great taste in shoes!

Candid Cool/Prêt-à-Porter Prostitute

the brogues all lined up looked so pretty

Queen Michelle

Maybe I should just start my own charity shop and organise bus trips to it?!


you have some mighty magnificent shoe there love!

i have mine lined up on the back of my door that's supposed to hold '36 pairs' but, it's packed solid. ay.

; )


Just died and went to shoe heaven...



this is utterly amazing. i'm especially digging your collections of brogues, gladiator sandals, and ankle boots.


do you find the chloe wedges easy/stable to walk in?

Queen Michelle

I find the Chloe's extremely easy to walk in and Glasgow has some really bad paving too, so it's a good test.


A Kingdom for a pair of your platforms:-)


the best shoe collection


Those 2-tone brogues are beautiful!

laurel nyc

i'm so jealous! beware of shoe thievery in the near future, hehe.


all those yours?? you, my dear, have a wonderful taste!


Wow...I'm speechless. Your wedges are beautiful - and the brogues are gorgeous...i bet they are so comfortable! Those gladiator shoes look lovely, and kudos to you for being able to negotiate Glasgow's paving in them... oh, if you do decide to offload at a Glesga charity shop, please tell me which one? ;)

Queen Michelle

Haha!!! Jenni, you'll be the first to know!


Oh wow! and i thought my shoe collection was big! i bow down in the majesty of the shoes of the kingdom!

Lydia Marchbank

I am in love with Brogue style shoes at the moment where did you get the last pair from?


WHere do you get the brogues. I cat find them in canada... Help


I don't now if any of you can help me but I'm desperate. I want the Chloe Silverado Runway Buckle Wedge (bootie) show above in beige.
I can't buy them anywhere...
If someone can help me get them I would really appreciate it

Queen Michelle

Antoine, I'm afraid eBay will probably be your best bet as these shoes sold out pretty much as soon as they came in. Intermix did have them on sale for a while earlier in the year, but you'd be hard pressed to find a new pair now. Keep trying ebay though. Good luck xx


Hi, love all your shoes! And fantastic blog. I've also got a pair of brown chloe silverados (but the heeled version). What do you wear yours with...? I need some new ideas!

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