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Sunday, 01 July 2007



that is absolutely amazing! I would buy it if it was in a shop!

and you have the tiniest waist, so jealous!


wow just wow it is actually the coolest!
i like the casual tshirt, but i think if you paired it with something sleeveless like a round neck vest or wifebeater it would put sole emphasis on the skirt and keep the top streamlined as the bottom is so fabulously poofy?

Queen Michelle

Sammi don't be jealous - I have a teeny waist sure, but I also have teeny hips and teeny boobs which means I'm straight up and down. Not so good.
Selina, I can't help myself, I need to try and take some prettiness anyway from anything that's too girly, so for me the slouchy graphic t-shirt will take some of the 'prom' look away from it. I'd feel too 'pulled together' with a plain vest.


I'm so envious of your waist ratio. It's so small! The skirt looks great - what kind of fabric did you use?

Queen Michelle

It's the same fabric as the dress - heavy satin, as I had loads left over.


Looks absobloodylutely amazing.
I think I prefer the skirt to the dress... it seems more wearable in the way you'll be able to mix it with more?
Gah I really love it.
And being tiny means you can wear beautiful high waisted poofy skirts so well!

black tulip

oh my god. this is beautiful! i lovee puffy puffy puffy but im a sew idiot. i cant even do pleats. let alone pleats + zips + elastic waistband.


the side profile of the pleats is particularly gorgeous.


You managed to sew the pleats and zippers almost perfectly from what it seems in the pictures, great job. Would you try to make a super bright version as well? Or is it not your thing?

Queen Michelle

I'm actually not a huge fan of black and would have preferred a coloured version but the elastic only comes in black or white unfortunately, and I wouldn't have wanted the waist band to be black and the rest to be a different colour. Plus I made it all from the remnants of the fabric I bought for the dress, so really it didn't cost me anything.

Blue Floppy Hat

This is just astoundingly gorgeous. The pleating is so neat it looks professionally done, and the puffy shape is- forgive me for being the millionth person to say this- TO DIE FOR. And the waistband's making you look all tiny-waisted and vaguely corseted too (but in a cool Roitfeldian way, not a pushed-up-and-out way). It's lovely.


I second all the above comments! It's gorgeous and completely changes your figure from the other photos. You look curvy (in a good way)! You will be getting commissions soon if you don't look out.


Just as amazing as the dress. Well done. Love the blue zip.


the dress alone was amazing now you have gone and done it all over again am absolutely lovin it. well done. p.s. if you ever in the world of evers get tired of it i am always here if you wanna give it away thank you very much in advance.:)


its great.... does it actually UNZIP or is the zip just there for aesthetics?

Queen Michelle

It is indeed a working zip Libby x


Pretty ugly


its cute

ISHMAel back


fashion fake

Oh my god, I went to Melbourne the other day and walked into one of my favorite stores and what did I see staring up at me?
This skirt.
I posted a photo on my blog, it was very strange indeed.


i absolutely adore the skirt ! tres chic!it looks like its been inspired by nicolas from balenciaga

maybe u can help me , i am looking for those poofy skirts till the ankles kind of outfit like taffeta or thick shiffon , but sumthing very elegant i can wear to a gala dinner. I am getting my tailor to make it for me but i just cant find the right image to show him !:(
if u can please direct me to a designer or an picture that wud be tons of help dear !! :D

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