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Sunday, 01 July 2007



The fifth row down on the left.... Omgosh! They are amazing!!

Chic Looks

Oh wow!!! those are supercool, the red with grey ones are my fav.

Queen Michelle



Just when I thought I couldn't love this blog anymore. I'm loving the white, grey and gold lot. Added classiness courtesy of the loo.

lil cris

you ladies have unbelievably great style. love it!


I *PRAY*(and i don't even believe)that this spat business does NOT catch on. Just because something is trendy doesn't mean that it's fashionable.

Queen Michelle

Spats are neither trendy nor particularly fashionable, they are simply beautiful pieces of historical clothing that were actually worn for a purpose, and just because some people, like myself, still find them endearingly beautiful, even without their original purpose, certainly doesn't mean they are suddenly going to become "trendy". I can't see Primark stocking them anytime soon.
I can't wait to find the right pair for me (or make my own as I intend to attempt) and I care not a single jot whether they are "fashionable", "trendy" or considered downright ugly. I love them!

Sandra Mendoza-Daly

I rather like the red pumps with white spats. Cute. And as Queen Michelle points out "downright ugly" is cute.

Julio Cesar Palacio

Hey Queen,

just to tell you that i really like your blog and that of course you have exquisite taste in what you post on the blog.
I live Barcelona,but work as fashion editor for Shift Magazine Japan.
Well, just to say Hello, cause im not used to write to people i dont know, but well you are the queen!

all the best,




Queen Michelle

We are honoured indeed Julio that you took the time to write to us. And you have such a great name!
Shift is a superb magazine, I really love all the illustrations and artwork.


yes, yes yes yes. discovered this post after writing my own rhapsody on posso the spat:


Funky Shoes


I purchased a posso tool box from a company called Lightwave fvrom Birkenhead it cost £ £42.94 I would like to purchase another but Light wave have appeared to of moved can you help me my name is Ian Goulden my telephone number is 07973 324938 thank you for your assistance


You want spats? is a good source for them. It's where I originally HEARD of spats, beyond, you know, vintage ones. They're not expensive either, at least the sellers I've seen.


omg...I NEED NOW!

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