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Friday, 15 June 2007


candid cool

Now a Chanel oxygen that would have made me wear one during the SARS or bird flu scare.


It's akin to the custom-made section of Louis Vuitton where I vaguely remember some mention/images of a cake transportation box and a ski or snowboard bag. Because when I go snowboarding, the first thing I would like to upgrade is the bag I lug around, leave on the wet ground, and shove my wet snowboard into.

Queen Michelle

Or even better than that, I read in a magazine (can't remember which one) and someone had Hermes custom make them an APPLE CARRIER! Yes, a bright green, apple shaped bag, to perfectly fit the granny smith she ate every day. Crazy.


I'm holding out for a Chanel car.


I'm holding out for a Chanel car.


Did I mention I'm holding out for a...

Sorry about that...Typepad's giving me a hard time today.

Queen Michelle

Mmmm something about a Chanel car? Think you might have mentioned it...


haha, seems like a joke... chanel logo is everywhere, karl thinks hard to know where he can put a pair of CC


Hmm, in that kind of logic fashion can be considered sensless, then why make site let alone write in it...
I like this collection, and it could be considered as a different way to implement the idea of chanel and 2nd to diversify chanel's products..By the way if I would be skateboarding and had the money would def by chanel skateboard..


Well I have been thinking about this too. Why has no-one come up with designer hospital gowns? Because if I was going into hossie for a 'procedure' and someone gave me a designer hossie gown I'd be quite thrilled. If it was Ralph Lauren it could be a stripe ticking or chambray (easy to wash all the gunk off after the event), if it was Prada it could be black nylon - durable and not too expensive - and if it was Pucci it could be covered in a lurid print to hide the stains. Oh yes, I think I'm on to something here...

Queen Michelle

Rollergirl, write to Karl, he's obviously open to shoving the Chanel onto everything!


Oh, Karl sure does have a fresh and interesting outlook on producing a strong brand identity. The other day I actually saw a Chanel print ad of a model's face and shoulder's with the Chanel logo tatooed on her shoulder. And that was it. I think Karl's trying to make 'cattle' branding fashionable.

Queen Michelle

I wonder if it's a cheeky metaphor? His way of saying people follow designers like cattle.


Huh, and I thought my rugby ball with the little skulls on it was stylin'.


Why the hell didn't I know about this blog? I was about to ask if I could link you and I see that you have me linked, so I'm going to link you. Wasn't that exquisite syntax?
You know, this could actually be awesome for football players questioning their sexuality. They can combine classic Chanel style with hearty hetero man-cakes sport activities.

Queen Michelle

Emma, you could very well have a point regarding football players in turmoil about their sexuality. Or maybe Karl's bringing a traditionally rough man's man game to the metrosexual male? Easing him in gently, so that when he breaks his manicured nails, it won't be quite as harsh since it was Chanel who technically broke them.


Very good web site, great work and thank you for your service.


Nice page greetings to all in this guestbook!


Good work!


I swear I saw a pink tennis racket somewhere with the CC logo all over it ...


i loved the CHANEL Rugby ball..

selling it?
please reply ASAP


YOU ARE AN IDIOT!!!!! Is it not possible that people like to wear fashionable clothes and play sports? Or is you ego just too big for that? Seriously, you dont have to choose between stylish clothes and sports you can have both. Seriously, what is your problem?

Queen Michelle

Since you are so serious, because you like to say seriously a whole lot, I'll answer you Ashley.
Seriously, this is tongue in cheek. Like, seriously, where is your sense of humour? Did your Chanel rugby ball skelp you on the napper and knock it out of you? Seriously??

emma kelly

I have a louis vuitton hand bag in the shape of a rugby ball, i was wondering haw much its worth please


Where can I buy and how much this ball?


I want one as well. Where can I buy one?

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